Meet the Safari Njema Team

Piet Steyn

 I was born in 1967 and raised on my grandfather's farm in a small town in the Eastern Transvaal of South Africa where I developed a love for animals and the bush. I have guided many successful and happy clients on dangerous game hunts for lion, buffalo, elephant and leopard in South Africa and Tanzania Botswana and Namibia, as well as numerous plains-game hunts. I have been hunting professionally for the last 15 years. From hunts in countries such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Angola I have gained invaluable experience and knowledge of Africa at its best and it's harshest. I pass these insights and experiences on to my clients, to ensure the best possible bush adventure, allowing them to leave Africa fulfilled and knowledgeable, with a hunger to return. But please don't think that I only cater for the advanced hunter. I love to share my passion with the first time hunter, as well as families and children on their first experience of Africa.

Amanda Lerm

I was born in the Northern Cape ( Kimberley ), South Africa . Grew up on a farm and started hunting with my father since I was big enough to carry my own rifle. I did my CHASA course at SJB when I was 16 and shot my first springbuck that same year. I hunted many springbuck and kudu with my father since the age of 16 and also competed in various shooting competitions with him. In 2006 I completed my National Professional Hunters Diploma and I've been in the hunting/guiding business ever since. I am a Professional Hunter because of the thrill and the excitement of the hunt. The challenge is to see how close you can get to an animal, without them knowing about you and then finding the right trophy to take down. If the right trophy does not present itself then it's getting out there and doing it all over again until you succeed! There is nothing in the world that compares to that feeling!! Should you ever lose that feeling of excitement, (also known as buck fever) I believe you might as well stop hunting! I believe hunting and conservation goes hand in hand, and that is the way I do my job. Always respect nature and the animals you hunt, and hunt ethically! Meaning: hunt in a manner where the animal always has a fare chance in getting away. I do walk and stalk or spot and stalk, no hunting off vehicles and at night with spotlights. For me it is as much a thrill to see my clients happy and having a great hunt as it is to go hunting for myself. I do both rifle and bow hunting and enjoy them equally. I started taking up bow hunting in 2007 and had many successful hunts since then, either sitting in a blind or a tree stand, or hunting on foot, walking and stalking. It's always a great feeling to see a happy hunter after we successfully made a kill on an animal he/she really wanted. A trophy of a life time!! Come and join us at Safari Njema and we will make your dreams about Africa come to life!!!