Dirk and Joyce de Roos

Piet, we anticipated a good hunt with you, but the reality far exceeded our expectations! This was simply the best in all regards. From bird shooting in the Free State to eland hunting in the Limpopo, your patience, perseverance, and professionalism were always exemplary. The eland hunt was truly the most memorable hunt of my life. If that is not “fair chase” I don’t know what is…. Thank you for a most thrilling, exciting, most wonderful safari I have ever been on and in making it so special – especially for a grandma. Beautiful memories never to be forgotten!!?

Denver, Colo David Bell (2009)

Piet, thank you for showing me the Real Africa. I have travelled to many far places but never here. Your hospitality was a special part of my trip. I know you are proud of De Wald, he worked very hard and also is an important part of my 1st safari. I wish you and your family health, happiness and great success. (2010) - I came to Africa last year with Jim Sink to “watch”. Now Jim has the Big 5 and I have 3 trophies!!! As I told you… it is a “bad drug”!! You are a great friend and a perfect host. I hope you continue to visit NC so I can see you many more times in the future. Many thanks for sharing Africa with me!!

Raleigh, NC Jim Sink (2009)

Well Piet, we have just finished our fourth safari. Each one better than the last. What started as a plains game hunt, has progressed to lion, leopard and now elephant. The reason I return to you each time is your attention to detail and my trust in your professionalism and expertise. Always nice to see you and now De Wald, a fine young man. Have a great year and I will see you at the Dixie Deer Classic!! (2010) - Piet, we have now completed the Big 5, not bad uh? Must admit the buffalo about kicked my butt. Those hills and rocks were tough on the old knees but not a bad shot through the bush!! And the rhino, spectacular!!! Not a bad stalk if I say so myself. It is hard to walk through the plains of Africa without stepping on the grass!!! But we did it!! Really glad we did not kill that magnificent beast!! Not sure if I will be back here hunting, but it has been quite a ride and I am sure our paths will cross many more times.?

Durham, Nc Larry Mc Lain

Piet, many thanks for a fantastic hunt. Your place is terrific and loaded with plentiful game. I am very pleased with all of my trophies. Your staff are very professional and handle themselves very well. You have shown me a different and very pleasurable side of Africa. You have introduced me to friends at the Bayala Lodge that made me feel very welcome. This is a place I will bring Laura back to see. Then we must have a serious hunt perhaps in Tanzania when I am able. After 10 years it is good to say I have now hunted with the Legend: Piet!!!?

Mount Pleasant, SC Rich Buechsenschuetz (2012)

Piet, I wish I was back in the bush. We took the kids to San Diego Safari Park this weekend; it's an open air park in the semi-desert where they have a lot of African animals together in a big open area. Quite a few white rhino, Common Eland, some pretty pathetic cape buffalo and a bunch of other animals. It was good to see the animals, but so far from reality as to be laughable. Some of the “interesting” things our guide told us, is that Blesbuck are endangered solely because Americans are shooting them for their horns, and that Red-back Duiker are threatened because of commercial bush meat poaching, and that Zebra are always in the open in the green plains and therefore very easy to spot at long distances! HA HA. At least my son didn't volunteer that “my daddy shots those” or I would have been thrown in with the Transvaal lions (very large male with a huge zoo mane!). Our appreciation for a safari that exceeded all expectations! We achieved all of our goals, you worked hard and looked after me and Dirk (Babu) tirelessly to deliver a classic Tanzanian safari and helped us sort innumerable details in our complicated but in the end effective travel plan. Thank you again and I hope to hunt with you again in the near future, although I'll have to convince my wife! By the way we bought some Pili Pili Mbuzi and some Aromat at the store by the Sea Cliff village, and we have it with every meal! LA, CA